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Интернет-магазин профессиональных чешек и аксессуаров для гимнастики, акробатики и батута
«Мой сын занял первое место на Кубке Москвы в апреле 2017 и первое место на Первенстве Москвы в сентябре 2017 по прыжкам на батуте в чешках aaasport. Первую пару покупали как альтернативу известным мар... [читать далее]кам. Но постоянное отсутствие маленьких размеров (у сына на момент заказа был 31й размер ноги) и иногда длительная доставка из другого города вынудили искать замену. Устроила цена, стабильное наличие нужного размера и возможность забрать в Москве хоть в день заказа. В итоге эти чешки стали самыми любимыми. Хотя есть и других марок тоже. но на соревнования сын выбирает только эти. Так что стали постоянными клиентами.»
Спиридонова Юлия ,
«Купили чешки, за 2 недели тренировок появились дыры в трикотаже - некачественный материал, резиновый слой тоже стирается очень быстро... Расстройство одно...»
Юрий Геннадьевич Макаренко,
преподаватель, Воронеж, Воронежская область, Россия
«Спасибо Вам за сальтовую лонжу! Ручная работа - это шик! Размер подошел!»
«Классные чешки, Спасибо Вам!
Доставка мегабыстрая!»
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About us

The company "GYMNASTICS" has been producing professional sports shoes and sells a range of accessories for artistic gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline.

We are professional athletes in the past (members of a national team on sports gymnastics of the Republic of Belarus with international medals and titles) and young entrepreneurs in the present.

Once we thought that professional footwear for gymnastics in this country is imported, is very expensive. We couldn't afford to buy gym shoes. We recalled how in his younger years, being gymnasts, hungry eyes looking at the "collections" training in equipment issued to them, and wanted hurry to grow up, prove himself and win a major place in the squad, get your new pair of Czech women, and not to continue wearing Used...

Today we produce our own professional shoes. Our. Domestic.
It's gym shoes for artistic gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline.
Knowing the state sports schools and the financial situation involved in we try every new pair of cheshek to do with the most reasonable price for every athlete from Brest to Vladivostok.

Our company was founded in 2010 in Minsk (the first trial batch was produced near Minsk, where the workshop and warehouse) In 2012 to a more convenient and effective interaction with customers has created the company "GYMNASTICS" in Moscow. Diligently studying the feedback from athletes, we are tested for quality, each pair of Czech women and tried to improve the manufacturing process to the next pair of Czech women is even better.

Our goal as a manufacturer is to market a Shoe for gymnastics, and trampoline akrobatiki to quality competitive performance. And our goal as a seller is to be a reliable partner to wholesalers, regular customers and to build a system of mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, as well as to make a purchase cheshek for our client simple and easy.

In order to start cooperation please contact us in any convenient way:

phone: +79175953482

Skype: gymnastics.msk

Viber: +79175953482

e-mail/e-mail: gymnastics.msk@gmail.com



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